On the road to the referendum

Members of the feminist group Speaking of IMELDA have been travelling the country, speaking to people directly affected by Ireland's ban on abortions.

There’s nothing ‘post-racial’ about the Royal Wedding

Some may herald the Royal Wedding as a triumph for racial equality - but that depends on a total misunderstanding of how racism works. By Dr Remi Joseph-Salisbury and Dr Laura Connelly.

Kensington and Chelsea is a microcosm of the evils of austerity

We need a counter-ideology to reverse the destructive legacy of Conservative austerity, writes Emma Dent Coad

Slow Death in Siberia

Anne Harris reports on how the UK's coal dependency is devastating the lives of indigenous Shor people.

We went to an arms company AGM. Here’s how they justify profiting from war.

BAE Systems weapons have been involved in countless atrocities - and we saw board members doing rhetorical backflips to avoid accountability, writes Andrew Smith from Campaign Against Arms Trade.

Gammon-gate: How to cook up a pointless scandal

The media is desperate to talk about anything other than the actual news, writes Tom Walker, so they spend their time blowing up left Twitter in-jokes into national scandals.

Cracking the unwritten codes which drive the gender pay gap

Women in the UK still earn an average 18.4% less than men. Sarah Longlands delves into some of the causes.

Whilst Israel and the US celebrate illegally moving the embassy to Jerusalem, unarmed Palestinians are being shot down

The move is a stamp of approval for Israel’s brutal occupation, writes Asad Rehman.

Punitive populism: The global rise of ‘hostile environments’ for migrants

Punitive policies aimed at those deemed alien means that resources that were formerly allocated to social care, anti-discrimination and integration can be transferred into policing, punishment, warehousing and banishment. By Liz Fekete.

By withdrawing from the Iran Deal, Trump is gambling with the future of the planet

Jettisoning the deal risks nuclear escalation at a delicate time in Middle East relations, writes Kate Hudson from the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Local elections: What really happened in Haringey

The media has put the spotlight on London's Haringey council again – but what is the reality for local Labour activists? Alex Nunns interviews Seema Chandwani

Local elections: 5 reasons to be cheerful

Media got you down about the local election results? Michael Calderbank finds the bright spots

Why I’m on McStrike: ‘£10 an hour would change our lives’

Joshua Khan, 18, explains why he's joining today's McStrike and shares his experiences of working at his local branch in Watford